Suguna Chicken

Suguna Chicken - Younger, Tender, Better.

Suguna Chicken, known for its finest quality and taste is already a favorite among many Indian households. Reared from the finest breed of carefully selected chicks, Suguna is the leader in the Indian broiler chicken market.

Suguna’s innovation and efforts to maintain consistency, highest quality and hygiene standards are well appreciated by the many that savor the taste of its good chicken. A well controlled process ensures you get nothing but the freshest of chicken straight from the farms. Grown in natural conditions with nutrition rich feed, you can be assured that every bite is tender and juicy.

This superior quality chicken is now available at affordable prices. Through a nationwide network of over 25,000 retail outlets. The next time you are out shopping, look out for the Suguna Chicken sign in any of your neighborhood chicken stores. And always ask your retailer for Suguna chicken.